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New York times 

July 1st 2017 


Jewish Women vs. the Jewish State


By Lesley Sachs

TEL AVIV — In 2012 I was arrested for the first time. I was 54 years old — a mother, an executive and a leader of my community. My crime? Praying while wearing a tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl, at the Western Wall. My father, an immigrant to Israel of German descent, never got a parking ticket. He would have rolled in his grave if he knew his daughter was being cuffed and fingerprinted by the Israeli police. read more 

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September 5, 2019

 A Rebel Woman (Hebrew)

By Naama Riva

TEL AVIV — The article appeared on the cover page of the cultural supplement "Galleria" and discusses the connection Lesley Sachs's activism and her art, in light of her new solo exhibition in Jerusalem.

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